Foundation Development

Contributions to The Focus On Love Foundation will assist in funding future growth and goals.

Phase 1: 

  • Establish foundation as a charitable corporation (completed July 2018)
  • Initiate marketing and fundraising campaign (on-going as of August 2018)
  • Offer free online photo-emotion coaching downloads (target date November 2018)
  • Offer periodic photo-emotion coaching workshops for parents (target date March 2019)
  • Offer periodic photo-emotion coaching classes for children (target date March 2019)
  • Develop volunteer training materials and resources

Phase 2:

  • Secure dedicated facility or creative space
  • Expand the classes and workshops offered
  • Expand website for online class registration
  • Secure staff to support daily operations
  • Extend reach to other communities
  • Partner programs with like organizations

Phase 3:

  • Extend Foundation programs nationally
  • Develop and offer streamlined webinars

As an IRS-registed 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations are tax-exempt.