The Focus On Love Foundation was born out of love for children, families and community. Witnessing poor life coping skills of some young adults in her human resource and photography careers, Denise Hummel with faith and sense of purpose, wanted to try to make a difference for children and families. In 2018, the Focus on Love Foundation was granted its 501(c)3 nonprofit designation in support of helping children, along with their parents, learn about emotional regulation through the fun and playful art of photography.

Our Board Members share a similar sense of purpose and love for children, families and community.

Board of Directors

Denise A. Hummel, Co-Founder/Executive Director

Sydney M. Hummel, Director/Secretary/Treasurer

Michael J. Corrigan, LMSW, ACSW, Director/Program Advisor

Emily J. Smith, Director

Lori J. Brown, Director